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Enjoy the tandem flying into the open sky suspended in the air at height of 800 ft from the ground level and covers a total area distance of around 15 kms. Adventure seekers will love to enjoy this extremely new activity as they can also experience the bird’s eye view of the scenery around.

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If you visit Bir and stay inside the four premises of a hotel you are surely missing out an exquisite experience of enjoying your vacation in the lap of nature. If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the place, go for camping.

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India’s top Motor biking routes

If you’ve always dreamed of thundering down the road on bike, exploring desolate landscapes, camping under the open skies, and leaving behind all the restrictions and ugliness of civilization, here’s where you should be going.

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The Top 10 Treks in India

The top treks in India offer a diverse range of different landscapes and terrains to explore, and many different cultures. India has a huge land mass that is bordered by the mighty Himalayas, home to some of the highest peaks in the world.

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Manali – An unplanned trip

Like every plan gets cancelled , this plan initially also got cancelled. But some of us were eager to take this trip so we decided that we will go for it even if not everyone is going. As we are college students so budget was tight , so this trip is good for those who are on a shoe string budget.

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A guide to the finest beaches in Goa

India’s ‘sunshine state’ has long provided a haven for those in search of the sun, sand and sea. Boasting 105km of stunning coastline and an endless list of idyllic beach settings, there’s no surprise so many people flock to Goa for their beach holidays.

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